This example is for a page. It differs from the blog article; Because it will stay in one position and appear in your sitelinks list (in most templates). Most people start by providing a meta page, usually an “about” page, to show potential site visitors. It might be something like this:

Welcome! I work as a postman during the day. An aspiring artist the rest of the hours of my day, This is my website. I live in the western region, I have a cute cat named Frozen, I love woodcraft and have an interest in carving and decoration (and interests you might like here and there.)

…or something like this:

XYZ Corporation was founded in 1971. It has offered many quality products to the public since then. Headquartered in London, XYZ Company employs more than 2000 people, She does a lot of great things and activities for the community.

As a new WordPress user, You should go to your control panel to delete this page and create new pages suitable for your content. Have fun!